Staffroom Bingo

Staffroom Bingo

The staffroom can be a strange place at times, particularly if you get stuck with that weird supply teacher who doesn’t stop talking about her cat. Well now is your chance to spice things up with our great Staffroom Bingo. Grab your fun, trustworthy co-workers and get to it!

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The Challenges

  1. Trainee teacher looking rattled
  2. Teacher crying
  3. Bad breath sub talks in your face
  4. No clean mugs. Again!
  5. Supply teachers gossip
  6. Busybody teacher volunteering for something
  7. Someone moaning about the Head
  8. Another ruddy sponsor form!
  9. Someone doing last-minute marking
  10. Teacher napping on the sofa
  11. Monday hangover
  12. Head tells unfunny joke
  13. Someone mentions exam targets
  14. Christmas party “incident” mentioned
  15. Weird supply teacher becomes your new ‘bestie’
  16. Lazy teacher asks you to do something for them

The Prizes

Pfffft. No matter what you tell your pupils, it isn’t the taking part that counts, it’s very much the winning, so you need some suitable rewards to motivate you. Try ours or come up with your own.

1st Place – Lowest ranked player covers your playground duties for a month
2nd Place – Exempt from making tea for a fortnight
3rd Place – First dibs on snacks brought into the staffroom next week

The Rules

Though teachers enforce the rules, secretly we all know that some aren’t so good at sticking to them (stop chewing at the back!). So we’ve laid down a few ground rules to ensure fair play.

  • Staffroom Bingo must only be played during school hours
  • Complete a horizontal or a vertical line to win
  • In the unlikely event of a tie, it’s sudden death to tick one more off the list
  • You cannot try to engineer the events, they must happen organically
    (or at least you shouldn’t get caught influencing the outcome)
  • If you cannot prove or verify something happened, you cannot tick it off

Get to it!

Print off our bingo sheet and distribute it amongst the rest of your ‘Teaching Squad’ or pin it to the staff noticeboard so the whole team can get involved. This fun, light-hearted game is a great team-builder and will guarantee a laugh even in the most stressful periods of the school calendar. Be sure to let us know of any staffroom clichés we’ve missed, or you’d like to see added and we’ll be happy to oblige.

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