29 Best Twitter Accounts for Teachers to Follow

29 Best Twitter Accounts for Teachers to Follow

Education is an ever-evolving world. Inspirational teachers are constantly looking for new ideas, tips, trends or just something to lighten the mood (it’s Monday, you’ve got Year 10 for maths and the coffee machine’s broken). So, here’s our list of 29 of the Best Twitter Accounts for Teachers to follow to get fresh inspiration straight to your inbox.

In no particular order:

@TeacherToolkit | Ross Morrison McGill

A big hitter in the world of Twitter teaching, Ross Morrison McGill’s feed is a constant stream of insightful and informative info which ranges from ideas and blogs to resources and training.

@rweingarten | Randi Weingarten

A US of A centric Twitter account, but, no matter where in the world you’re from, teaching is universal and knowledge is transferable so it’s great to see what’s going on across the pond to learn from our transatlantic cousins.

@ragazza_inglese | Summer Turner

A Subject Specialist Lead in English and author of the insightful Secondary Curriculum and Assessment Design, Summer Turner is well worth a follow if you’re particularly interested in the state of the curriculum.

@chrishildrew | Chris Hildrew

Headteacher, author and blogger, Chris Hildrew raises the bar in the Twitter teaching game offering fresh perspectives and astute analysis on all things education.

@russeltarr | Russel Tarr

History teachers listen up, Russel Tarr is your go-to Twitter expert, sharing a constant stream of ideas and awesome information. Be sure to check out his website which is a great educational tool to utilise in your classroom.

@coolcatteacher | Vicki Davis

Best Teacher Blog Winner and host of the 10 Minute Teacher Show, Vicki Davis is up there with the teaching Twitter elite. The accolades speak for themselves and her blog is well worth a read.

@HeadTeachDunn | David Dunn

A Primary School Head Teacher worth engaging with, David Dunn is hot on the latest issues and problems facing our schools today and offers an insightful perspective based on first-hand experience and knowledge.

@MsFindlater | Sarah Findlater

Secondary Head Teacher and author of How to Survive an OFSTED Inspection, Sarah Findlater’s word is pretty much gospel when it comes to the world of teaching and her Twitter page is filled with expert content.

@HSTeachProbs | Teacher Problems

The land of Twitter teaching knowhow is not all business. The hilarious Teacher Problems page is all your thoughts and issues in one entertaining stream. It’s reassuring to remind yourself once in a while that you aren’t alone in the funny, brilliant, but highly stressful education industry.

@lancslassrach | Rachel Smith

A Modern Foreign Language teacher with an interest in how technology can be utilised to enhance pupil’s learning experience, Rachel Smith really bangs the drum for the use of tech and shares some great insights. 

@AliceHoylePSHE | Alice Hoyle

A ‘Sex Ed Ninja Guru’ and a brilliant example to current and aspiring PSHE teachers and youth workers. Alice Hoyle is at the forefront of her field and her mission is to help explain sensitive issues to children in a suitable, age-appropriate fashion.

@SDupp | Stan Dupp

“Will the real cartoonist for Schools Week please Stan Dupp!” A satirical cartoonist for Schools Week, Stan Dupp will guarantee a giggle and also make you think about broader issues facing teaching.

@Teacher2Teacher | Teacher2Teacher

A buzzing hub which attempts to bring the teaching community together, Teacher2Teacher shares the best ideas about and praises those who are deserving of praise. So we’re giving T2T a gold star.

@thefixupteam | The Fixup Team

This group of motivational speakers, spearheaded by the brilliant Dr Jackson, post loads of great inspirational content to get your students into gear ready for exam season.

@ICTmagic | Teacher: Martin Burrett

Magic by name, magic by nature! Martin Burrett conjures up some fascinating articles about all thing’s ICT.  He also dips his toes into other subjects so he’s a worthwhile follow no matter your specialism.

@thosethatcan | Dr Emma Kell

Author of How to Survive in Teaching, if you can’t learn anything from the brilliant Dr Emma Kell and her Twitter account then you’re possibly the greatest teacher to walk the planet. Her content is impressive, informative, engaging. Check it out.

@cherrylkd | Cherryl-kd

A Designated Safeguarding Lead at a four-time Outstanding Special School in Blackpool, Cherryl-kd posts loads of incredibly useful and informative content relating to Special Educational Needs. A really useful account for all and not just specialist SEN teachers.

@PookyH | Dr Pooky Knightsmith

A leader in youth mental health and PSHE, Dr Pooky Knightsmith’s Twitter is jam-packed full of brilliant tips and videos – be sure to check out her great YouTube account dedicated to Mental Health.

@Bored_Teachers | Bored Teachers

The Bored Teacher Twitter feed encapsulates the whole teacher experience in one hilarious nutshell, posting funny memes and relatable content. A refreshing break from the serious stuff!

@DanBrownTeacher | Dan Brown

Hailing from across the Atlantic, Dan Brown may post some fantastic pieces which are applicable to education everywhere. Definitely worth a read.

@TeacherTapp | Teacher Tapp

The premise of the Teacher Tapp is simple: an app which asks teachers three questions a day in order to make the school community smarter. Their Twitter page frequently posts the results of polls, info and articles about their fantastic app.

@daisychristo | Daisy Christodoulou

Blogger and author of Making Good Progress and 7 Myths about Education, Daisy Christodoulou offers a fascinating insight into the world of education and her Twitter feed and website are chocked-full of interesting articles and brilliant blog posts.

@wonderfrancis | Francis Gilbert

Author of I’m a Teacher Get Me Out of Here, which offers a hilarious and frank peek into the world of a newly qualified teacher, Francis Gilbert doesn’t mind saying it how it is. His Twitter account mirrors this and is a brilliant resource for teachers looking for guidance and inspiration.

@hegartymaths | Colin Hegarty

Winner of UK Teacher of the Year 2015 and finalist of the Global Teacher Prize 2016, Colin Hegarty is a must follow for any maths teacher (and any other teacher for that matter!). Give the man a follow: you don’t get nominated for these prestigious awards if you’re not at the top of your game!

@richardgerver | Richard Gerver

Richard Gerver started out in education, where he transformed a failing school into ‘one of the most acclaimed learning environments in the world,’ in just two years. Now he is an award-winning speaker, bestselling author and renowned-thinker.

@ICTEvangelist | Mark Anderson

Another award-winning educator to add to the list, Mark Anderson is ‘on a mission to help students, schools and teachers the world over’. His Twitter account is in keeping with his mantra, boasting great articles and insightful links.

@EduSum | Summer Howarth

Another fantastic hub for all things teaching, all things development and all things learning design, Summer Howarth posts and retweets bags of content for innovators looking to improve and grow.

@StephenDrew72 | Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew has an unrivalled passion for teaching and developing the next generation. Not afraid to vocalise his opinion on the state of education, he provides an honest look into the world of teaching. To be successful in the industry you have to have passion and Stephen Drew has it by the tonne.

@teachergoals | #teachergoals

Last and by no means least we end with another hilarious account which posts everything funny, frustrating and fantastic about being a teacher. After a stressful day, #teachergoals reminds you about the lighter side of school life and shows you: you’re not going through it alone.